Minimum System Requirements

Computer Specifications

Minimum Internet Speed

Optimal Internet Speed

Internet Browser

Memory & Speed

Display Requirements

Hardware Specifications

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The Star Micronics series of printers are our current recommendation. These printers can connect via Bluetooth to an iPad.

PC Setup

ERPLY will work with any printer that is compatible with your hardware. We recommend printers that can drive a cash drawer.

Cash drawer

You want a ‘printer driven’ cash drawer. Which means the drawer attaches to the printer, so when the printer prints the receipt, the drawer will pop. Drawers connecting directly to the computer will not work with ERPLY.

Barcode scanners

Any that can be set to ‘Keyboard Mode’. Most barcode scanners can be set to this via a barcode in their documentation. If you do not have the documentation for your scanner, the manufacturers website will have it available.

With iPads, we recommend a bluetooth barcode scanner with a toggle on/off button so you can switch between the iPad’s keyboard or the barcode scanner as an input type.