To set up your Erply account to accept payments through Cayan, users must have a Cayan merchant account. The following credentials are provided by Cayan.

Install the Cayan Root Certificate from Download the file, and click to install it.

On Windows, when prompted, browse to install into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder. The install process for the certificate varies for different operating systems and browsers.
On Mac, once the certificate is installed, you will need to set it to "Always Trust."

  1. Open up Keychain Access. You can find it in the list of applications, or by searching Keychain with the OmniSearch.
  2. Go into the Certificates section and locate the certificate you just added
  3. Double click on it, enter the trust section and under “When using this certificate” select “Always Trust.”
  4. This will prompt for a password.

On iOS, follow Apple's guide on trusting 3rd party certificates.

Step 1: Device setup – Verifone MX915

Connect the payment device to the same local network as the POS terminal. Connect the payment device power cable Press 0 three times on device keypad Enter password “9416557” Read and record the device IP address from device display

Step 2: Device update – Verifone MX915

Device update may take place automatically, but it’s recommended you do it manually on first install. Press 0 three times on payment device keypad Enter password “9416557” Press button “Update”

Step 3: Set up back office

In this step you will set which of the registers are going to use Cayan (Merchant Warehouse) as the payment provider. Repeat the steps for each register . Open ERPLY back office. Go to Retail Chain > Registers Select register to associate with the Cayan device Change “Card payment terminal / card swiper” value to “Merchant Warehouse” Press Save

Step 4: Setup Berlin POS

In this step you will set the account each register will be connected to as well as the IP address of the payment device. Repeat steps for each register. Open Berlin POS in a secure window ( You must log in as a user who is set up as an administrator in User Groups. Go to: Settings > Payment configuration On the Payments configuration page, under General, click “Setup Payment Gateways.” This will pull up the Merchant Warehouse setup form. Fill in the fields:


If device does not respond