Back office improvement: Product pictures

Product pictures are now displayed in a few additional places in back office user interface.

On sales document rows (Invoices, Orders, Quotes), there is a new icon to see the picture added for the product. The button is located next to product’s name: For unconfirmed documents:

For confirmed documents:

When going to the icon with a cursor (not clicking), and the product has a picture, the picture appears:

If the product does not have a picture, the following message is displayed:

The same icon is also displayed in Inventory module, and image appears when pointing the icon with cursor:

The picture is more visible on product card as well:

1.If sidemenu is open, the picture is shown there:

2.When the sidemenu is closed, the product picture is shown in all the sub-sections of the product card: Product Info, Stock levels, … All pictures are of course displayed in the "Product Pictures" subsection, too.

All the described functionality works both in Classic back office and Berlin back office. And, for reference, product pictures can be uploaded just like before:

  1. On product card, under the tab: Product pictures
  2. Over the API (saveProductPicture)
  3. In Berlin - on Quotes document row