Creating Users, User Groups and Employees

Creating users is necessary for your employees to log into the POS. Each employee should have a user/login in order to properly track sales by employee, as well as actions in the system. You can assign certain rights and limitations based on a user and the user group the employee belongs to.

Creating User Groups

While ERPLY accounts come with some default user groups, we recommend checking out each groups’ settings, and even creating your own so that you have control over who has access to your data, your sales, your inventory, and your customers. In this module you can configure access to settings and actions in the system to make sure that each job type can access what they need and only what they need.

Adding Employees & Creating Users

ERPLY tracks your employees in two ways, once as an ERPLY user, and once as an employee. This lets you separate the information you need on them from the information ERPLY needs to function. Setup commission rates, employee notes, contact information on the Employee card, and setup passwords, pins, and permissions on the User card.