The Point of Sale

Open Day, Close Day

Starting the day and ending the day gives you a better idea of how the cash handling is doing in your business. If your drawer is always over or short, you may want to revisit your cash handling procedures.

Clock In/Out

ERPLY has a timeclock feature, so we can track when your employees come in, and when they leave. You can run reports to help you process your payroll and compare employee schedules with your hourly sales to see if your schedule is working efficiently.

Sales Options / Sales Functions

There are a number of actions to be taken at POS, take a look at these to see the more complex things ERPLY can do.

Credit Card Set Up & Sales

When using an external payment device, this setting allows you to select the card type and enable authorization codes in ERPLY. After setting up this option, a new window will appear that prompts you to select a card type and input the Authorization Code.

Info! For a general walkthrough on the Point of Sale, start HERE