Setting up your account

Start here to configure your company profile in ERPLY.

Minimum System Requirements

ERPLY is what we call ‘Hardware Agnostic’ which means you can use any hardware you’d like as a POS computer. That said, at the lower end of the performance spectrum you may see some performance problems. When choosing hardware, we do always suggest to try what you have, and if it works great! If not, we suggest the above guidelines as a minimum standard for good performance.

Creating a Company, Setting Up Locations, Setting Up Registers

This is where addresses on locations, emails, and sales documents are pulled from. The email address here is the only valid one that can make cancellations, changes, and passwords for users without emails. Locations are either physical locations, or piles of stock you can track. Registers are virtual or real, and sell stock from the location they’re tied to.

General Configuration

This guide walks you through the configurations you can make to personalize and functionalize your system. Add custom footers to receipts, upload your logo, set your timezone, and sell in your style.

The Location Card

The Location Card packs a lot of information into one place. You should be familiar with this area of the system for some advanced user features such as Price Lists, and Quick Select Buttons, and other location specific information.

Setting Up Tax Rates

The above guide will walk you through setting up the tax rates you use, and how you apply them. If you have one rate, no rates, or many rates, we can help you collect and track those taxes.