1 What is the Inventory?
Inventory does not include nonstock products or services as they do not hold stock.
The items you have in each location to order, sell, or transfer. Inventory can be registered into ERPLY, sold out of ERPLY, and transferred from one location to another.
A list of every item your suppliers can offer you and what they have on hand.
A collective list of every item and service that can be ordered, sold, or transfered at each location.
An optional way of listing everything that can be sold by your business.
2 What is the Product Catalog?
The Product Catalog is a list of all items and services your business offers. This is different than the Inventory because not all of items in this list need to carry stock.
A list of anything that can be sold by your business, including products, nonstock products, and services.
A collection of items that do not hold inventory.
The same exact thing as Inventory, but the page shows different information for the products.
A document given by your supplier to help decide what should go into Inventory.
3 Where can stock for an item be found?
Stock levels can be viewed at a glance in the Inventory list, and you can get a detailed breakdown of how stock was moved in the Inventory Card under the "Warehouse Report."
The Inventory module, stock levels are listed to check at a glance.
In the individual Inventory Cards by clicking on the item and navigating the the “Inventory” tab.
The PIM module, stock levels are listed to check at a glance.
Both A & B
4 Some items in the product list have M+, B, or A on the left, what does this identify?
M+ indicates a product with Matrix Variations, B indicates a Bundle Product, and A indicates an Assembly Product.
Products out of stock and stock levels
If it is a Matrix, Bundle, or Assembly Product
Which location the product was originally created
They are assigned randomly for reporting purposes.
5 What field(s) are mandatory when creating a new product?
While the Product Group is the only required field, a unique Code will be generated upon product creation.
Product Type
Product Group
Both A & B
6 What information is on the Inventory Card, but not the Product Card?
All of the below information can be found on the Inventory Card. To quickly access the Inventory Card from the Product Card, select "Inventory" on the "Product Catalog/Inventory" switch on the top.
Wholesale Price
Stock Level
Product Cost
All of the above
7 What is the difference between Product Groups and Product Categories?
Both Groups and Categories are a way of organizing Products, but Product Groups are the organization format that are shown in the Point of Sale.
Product Categories are how products are organized at the POS
Product Groups are how products are organized at the POS
Product Categories and Groups are both POS organization
There is no difference
8 What data can be imported from Excel/a spreadsheet into ERPLY?
The import tool in ERPLY is a great way to add new products, customers, and suppliers in bulk. It can also be used to mass update products all at once.
Bulk updates on Products
New Products
All of the above
9 When using the import tool to update product information, what is the best practice?
Exporting a new spreadsheet ensures that you are only importing new data. If you choose to use an old import spreadsheet, some of the information may be dated or products no longer offered may be reinstated by mistake.
Use the old import sheet from when you first signed up and edit/import that one.
Export your product information from ERPLY into a new sheet, then edit/import this spreadsheet.
Create a new sheet and recreate all the products information
This cannot be done within the ERPLY system.
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