1 Which statement is true?
While every User is an employee, not every employee is a User. This is so you can keep track of employee information without giving them access to the system.
Users don’t need to be associated with an Employee
Employees don’t need to be associated with a User
User Groups are optional
All Users can access the Point of Sale
2 What is the first step to creating a new User?
Every User needs to be associated with an employee. You can associate an existing employee with a user, or create a new one.
Think of a good username
Create an Employee, or choose an existing employee
Create a new account and get a new Account Code
Delete the existing user
3 While most User settings are set through the associated User Group, there are also User specific settings. Which one is not a User Specific Setting?
The ability to log into the Back Office & Point of Sale is set under the User Group. All other options are set at the individual User Card.
Allowed Locations
Ability to Log in to the Back Office/POS
Process returns without a receipt
Apply manual discounts
4 Choose the best definition for what a User Group is.
User Groups are a way to change settings and allowances for specific Users. The way to organize users is at the discretion of the administrator.
A way to group customers or suppliers
Settings and allowances that can be associated to specific Users in the Erply System according to what they’re allowed to access or job title.
A job title for specific employees
A quick way to log in multiple Users at once
5 Which statement is false?
Users can be moved between User Groups at any time by the administrator.
User Group settings can be changed at any time.
Once a user is assigned to a user group, it is final.
The admin User Group settings should never be changed.
A user group can have no rights.
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