Actual Reports Data

Actual Reports can be created using just plain text, but they can also pull data straight from your ERPLY account to autofill information such as Product Data, Customer Information, and Business Information. The data available is dependant on what the report is used for. Below is an example of an Invoice-Waybill and label.

View Data

You can view the full list of available data by clicking View and then Data. Any field with available data will have a dash and then the data details to the right, as formatted below. The data for the document details such as Company information and customer data are located in the main Data Menu. To view your product data details, expand documentRows. When adding data from Insert Data Field under Properties, Actual Reports will pull information from the documentRows menu.

dataName - data details

You can search for data by the data name, ie countryOfOrigin, or the data details, ie France.

Adding Information to a Template

While data can be imported into Actual Reports from a JSON file, Excel Spreadsheet, or HTML link, it's best practice when creating reusable templates to only use the data available.

Adding a new data box to your template can be done in three steps:

  1. Add a new text box by clicking Text in the Add Menu
  2. Once the new text box is highlighted, click Insert Data Field
  3. This will open the available data. Choose a dataName to be reflected in the text box and save.

You can also manually type in the dataName, formatted like so {exampleData}

Once your page template has been completed, save it with a unique name.

If you are using an existing template as a guide for your custom template, we strongly recommend saving your new custom template as a copy. Otherwise, you will override the existing default template in ERPLY.