Getting Started with Actual Reports

The Actual Reports main screen is where you can update, edit, preview, and print the templates you create. Here is a quick breakdown of each area.

Template Design Area

This is the area of Actual Reports that hold the page layout and data. Shown above is an example of what a label template may look like. You can change the size of the page using Page Setup, add more information using the Add Menu, and edit any existing data on the page using the Edit Menu as well as Properties & Formatting.

Add Menu Options

You can add fields to your Actual Reports document by using the Add Menu located on the left hand side of the Template Design Area. The menu is broken down as follows. Many of the fields give you the option to type custom text, or pull data from ERPLY to be filled in automatically. (This is covered in the Actual Reports Data guide)

Menu Option Details
Text: A generic text box.
Container: An area where a dataset can be added, such as a list of products on an Invoice.
Table: By default, a 2x2 table to fill in with text or data.
Barcode: Add a barcode that uses generic text, your products UPC code, or any other data field available.
QR Code: Add a QR Code that uses generic text, your products UPC code, or any other data field available.
Image: Upload a custom image, such as your company logo.
Header: Add a header to your document.
Footer: Add a footer to your document.
Add a rectangle border to better organize your document.
V. Line: Add a vertical line to better organize your document.
H. Line: Add a horizontal line to better organize your document.
Page Number: Add page numbers to your document to be automatically generated.
Symbol: Choose a symbol to add to your document from our existing list.

Edit Menu Options

The Edit Menu is located at the top of the page, below the Main Dropdown Menus. Most of these options are general word processor options, such as font choices, text size, and other visual options. However, there are a few options that you may be unfamiliar with.

Menu Option Details
Page Setup: Change the layout of the full page as well as the label itself (if set to repeat on the page.
Editor: By default, Actual Reports will open into the Editor. This is where you can add, edit, or delete information on your document.
Preview: This is a print preview of your document. Data that is filled in by ERPLY will show how it will look when printed on this screen.

Properties & Formatting

This area is used to change the specifics of the box currently selected. You can change the position, size, data, or text in the box from this menu.

You can also change the position and size of the box by clicking and dragging the box in the template design area.