Customer Groups

Warning: If you delete any groups, all tiers located in that group will also be deleted. Before deleting, double check all included groups. All deletions are final.

You must assign each new customer a Customer Group. Customer Groups help keep track of the customers that you interact with. Customer Groups can be as vague or detailed as possible, it is entirely up to you. Commonly created groups are which location they frequent, if they are part of the rewards program, and membership tiers.

Creating Customer Groups

Step 1: Navigate to SETTINGS module and select Set Up Customer Groups.

This will show a collection of folders. These are your Customer Groups.

Step 2: Click the + sign on the bottom right to add a new group.

Step 3: The new group will appear in the tree under the name New Category. From there, you can direcctly change the name.

Creating a Sub Group

Step 1: Right click on the tree and select + Add. This will add a subgroup.

Step 2: Directly enter the name you would like for the sub group

Note To change a sub group to a main group there are two options: Drag and drop the folder to the main tree until a green check mark appears, OR, right click on the folder, select Edit and then select the blank section in the Belongs to Groups area. Click Save.

Tip: You can also add new Customer Groups quickly under the Customer Card by selecting Add New… when assigning a group.

Associating Price Lists

View the Price Lists guide for the creation process and other details.

Step 1: Right click a Customer Group in the folder tree and click “Edit.” This will open the Customer Group card.

Step 2: Select the corresponding Price List(s) from the dropdown menu on the right. Be sure to save for changes to update.

Customers associated with this Customer Group will have this PRICE LIST applied to their purchases. You can apply up to five Price Lists to any Customer Group.