Removing Customer Duplicates

When you have two entries for the same customer and need to remove the duplicate, these are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the CUSTOMERS module at the top of ERPLY back office and search for the customer with multiple entries.

Step 2: When the duplicate customer is found, click on one of the customers name.

Step 3: Edit to differentiate it from the main customer entry. In this example, we will add “Duplicate” to the end of the name.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the duplicate customer’s page to see all of the invoices assigned to that customer.

Step 5: Click on each invoice and change the customer name to the correct name of the non-duplicate.

There will be a dialog regarding reloading item prices. Certain customers and product groups may have different price lists associated, so it is recommended to reload, but you can choose to keep current prices instead for the sake of your records.

Step 6: Once you have changed the name of the duplicate customer to that of the original customer, click Save.

If you click on the original customer and scroll down to the invoices, you will see that the invoices of the duplicate customer are all there.

Step 7: When there are no more invoices assigned to the duplicate customer, you can return to the customer list and delete the duplicate by clicking “X” at the end of the row.

Note: While you can use this method to delete the duplicate, we recommend instead to change the duplicate customer name to “_DO NOT USE,” or something similar which will keep it in your records but separate from your active customers.