Column Headers

Each inventory item has information organized into columns.

Label Explanation
Item Type Indicator First, untitled column to the left of Code. If an item is a Matrix product there will be an M+ in this column, bundle products are indicated with a ‘B.’
Code User entered product code. Can be generated automatically, To set this see settings → Configuration. "Child" Matrix products are assigned codes based on the "parent" product and by settings during Matrix product generation. This should be unique to the item assigned.
EAN code Barcode associated with a product. This can be user generated and should also be unique to the item it is assigned to.
Name Name of the product. This is what shows on receipts, and is searchable at POS
Location in Warehouse This is a premium feature and must be requested to be enabled by ERPLY staff. This is to indicate bins in the warehouse and assist with order picking and product locating.
Total stock #In Stock (# in Layaway) across all locations
Stock in Location How many of these items are in this location.
Archive Items that have been archived no longer show up under your inventory and cannot be used in any transaction. You can view and unarchive products under the ‘Status’ option in the filters menu.
Open Product Card To open the Product Card to edit this information, click on the product in the list. After you have opened the product card, you can see a tab labeled ‘Stock.’ This tab shows what’s in stock, available, layaway ordered, and amount sold in the past 30 days.
Reorder level The lowest point in which you would like inventory of this item to reach before ordering more
Restock level Once item’s inventory hits the reorder level, set a restock level in which you would like to order back up to