Bundle Products

In ERPLY, you can combine products that you want to sell together as one. When you create a bundle ERPLY will pull the products included in the recipe out of inventory every time the bundle is sold.

Note: A bundle does not have inventory. When selling a bundle, components are deducted from stock.

Creating Bundles

Step 1: Create a new product by navigating to the PIM module and selecting the + next to Product Catalog in the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the Type menu in the Product Card, and select Bundle. Check the setting labeled non-stock product or service. Continue filling out the information. This includes choosing a name, price, product group, and identifier codes.

Step 3: Once information is entered, select save in the top right corner. After you save, you will see this message:

Step 4: In the bottom bar, you will now see a button labeled Recipe. If the bottom bar is hidden, you can unhide it by clicking the yellow arrow button on the bottom left of your screen. Click on Recipe.

Step 5: Select the products and amount of the products you want to be in the bundle.

Step 6: Close the recipe from x in the top right corner and then click save in product card's top right corner to save the bundle.

Now the bundle is ready to be sold.

Tip: In the Product Catalog, a Bundle item will have a B listed next to it.