Purchase Return

The Purchase Return is used mainly when you receive a damaged/wrong item from your supplier. This document moves inventory out of your stock once confirmed.

Step 1: Click on the PURCHASE module and then click on the "+" next to Purchase Orders in the dropdown menu to create a new purchase order.

Step 2: Select Purchase return from the type dropdown on the left.

Step 3: Enter your supplier name along with the items that need to be returned to the supplier.

Note: You may click on New row to add additional products to your return list.

Step 4: Click on the Save icon which is located on the top right of the purchase return card.

Note: On a purchase return, all amounts should have a minus sign.

Step 5: Click the Confirm button to complete the return and move items out of stock.

Step 6: You can now process the return, and/or click the Print/Email button on the bottom right of the screen to print or send the return document. You can also add further notes in the grey sidebar on the left.