Erply Reports

This section outlines how to create and effectively utilize Sales Reports on Erply. For information on X and Z reports specifically, please visit the “X Report & Z Report” guide. For information on generating a custom report using the report generator, please visit the “Custom Reports” guide.

At A Glance

  1. Reports Categories: Inventory Report, Employee Time Clock Report
  2. Viewing Items Based on Quanity Sold


To access pre-designed report categories select the “Reports” module.

A host of reports will appear in the drop down menu.

From Inventory, to Stocktackings, to Sales Promotions, reports on a variety of features can be accessed here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, the “Report generator” (outlined in the next section) will assist you in creating something else.

As these follow similar formats to each other. Only a couple categories will be outlined here.

Examples: Inventory

Any of the categories above can be selected to specify types of Inventory you want displayed in the report. For example, if looking for a specific report of a product group. Once “Product Group” in the upper right corner is clicked, a drop down bar of your product groups will be displayed.

Different types of reports are displayed below for selection. Clicking “Excel” next to a report will open it in Excel.

Employee Timeclock Select “See timeclock entries” from the dropdown menu.

From here, you can see all time clock activity for your employees. You can also add a time clock entry by using the “New” button (for example, if an employee forgets to clock in).

To generate a more detailed report, go to the Reports menu and select “Commission and timeclock.” From this screen, specify the store or time period requested (click the expand arrow for more options) and select “Time and Attendance Report.”

This will generate a printable report of all the time clock activity within the specified criteria.


Sales Reports contain much useful information, but they can sometimes be hard to decipher. This guide will show you how to organize your reports to better read the data ERPLY is collecting. In the Back Office, click the REPORTS module and click “Sales.” This will display links to view a variety of Sales Reports.

An example of parsing a report by category is organizing a Product report by quantity sold. This example will outline this, thus demonstrating how to use interactive headers to sort reports:

Under “Item Sales” on this screen, click the first link labeled “By Product.” This will open a new window with a “Sales By Product” report.

The blue bar containing the column headers is interactive. By clicking a header, the report will organize accordingly.

To organize by Most/Least sold, click “Sold Quantity.” Clicking it once will sort the products from the item with the least quantity sold to the item which sold the most, as shown by a downward facing triangle. To sort by most to least sold, click the header again. The triangle will now be facing upwards. This can be done to sort any of the category. The resulting quantity order is shown below.

You can now print or save as a PDF by clicking “Print” in the upper right corner.