X-Report and Z-Report

X-Reports and Z-Reports show a summary of transactions. The difference between the two is that the X-Report can be generated from the POS, and shows the day’s activity for the register on which it is generated. The Z-Report can show activity across multiple days and/or multiple registers, depending on selection criteria.


To generate an X-Report:

Step 1: Click the X-Report icon in the POS screen.

A report will generate on screen, looking like this:

Stepy 2: To print the report, click on the Print button at the top.

Note: In this example, some fields have current information about the day’s transactions while other fields remain blank. These blank fields are populated when the register has gone through the close of day process. An X-Report will generate by default when the day is closed for a given register.


To generate a Z-Report from the Back Office:

Step 1: Click the REPORTS module at the top of the screen, then choose Z-Report from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: The next screen offers you selection criteria for the report. These fields can be used to filter the report to only show information from a specific register, location, date range, etc. Fill in these fields as needed.

Note: Leaving a field blank will disregard that criteria when generating the report. For example, if I generate the report as the settings are listed above, the report will show me all transactions from all registers in all locations between 10/1 and 10/31.

Step 3: Click Z-Report at the bottom of the screen, under the POS header, to generate the report.

All Possible Changes To X and Z Reports

This article will enumerate all possible changes that can be made to the content and formatting of X and Z Reports in ERPLY.


Note: In regards to Time Zones, the time shown on the X-Report will be the time set on the individual register. The time shown on the Z-Report will be in the time zone set on the ERPLY account. If you have registers or locations set up in other time zones from the main ERPLY account, the time zones on your X and Z reports will differ.


Invoices and Payment Report

The invoices and payment report will show you all the receipts you have issued through the POS and all returns made. You can run the report for a selected period, customer, location, store group, sales associate and customer account manager.