Quick Selection

Quick select buttons are programmable buttons at the Point of Sale that you can set to be any product that you would like. These can be set to be the same at all locations, or difference by location. All registers at any one location will have the same quick select buttons.

  1. Under the RETAIL CHAIN module, go to Edit POS quick selections.

  2. Click on the location you will be adjusting the quick selection feature for, or select ‘Change general quick selection’ if all of your locations are using the same set of quick select buttons.

  3. Type the name or code of your product or click on the blue box to add the product for quick selection. To add a product group instead, type in the name of the group or click on the blue hand to complete this task.

In BerlinPOS the order of the quick select items can be arranged using the up/down arrows on the right hand side of the Quick Selection tab.