Adjust a Day Open/Close

Note: Adjusting a day open or close requires you to be logged into an account with administrative access.

To add a day open or close:

Step 1: Click the RETAIL CHAIN module and select Day Openings and Closings from the submenu.

Step 2: To add a closing or opening day, click the New button at the top OR the “+” icon in the bottom bar.

Step 3: Fill out the necessary information such as Location, Register, Opened by or Closed etc.

To adjust a day Open/Close:

Step 1: Click on an entry

Step 2: Now you can manipulate the attributes of a given Open/Close, such as the opening or closing time, monetary details etc.

Step 3: Click Save.

Note: You can also delete a closing or opening using the X icon to the right of each entry, or modify a closing or opening by clicking on the particular entry.