Overview: Location Card

A “Location” in ERPLY is one place where you hold stock. Stock can be moved between locations, registered into a location, and sold from a location. Employees can be restricted to only seeing information from the location(s) at which they work. Locations can have one or more registers associated to them. Registers associated to a location will sell stock only from that location.

To get to your location card, go to the RETAIL CHAIN module and select “Locations.”

Once you are in the “Locations” card, click on a particular location:

General tab:

Address: Select an address from the drop down menu. You can add an address from the company card. To access your company card in the SETTINGS module, go to “My Company Information.”

Your company information is located here:

You can add an address and change the address type:

After adding an address and clicking the small save icon Address Save Icon which will appear on the address line to the right of the edited address, you will be able to select it from the “Location” card. NOTE: When adding multiple addresses, each individual address must be saved using their save icon.

Other tabs:

If you scroll down on your “Location” card, you will find a list of tabs designated to that specific location.

Points of Sale tab:

The Points of Sale tab displays all the registers at this particular location. You can also create a register in this tab by clicking “New.”

Quick Selection tab:

Please see our Quick Selection guide here: Using Quick Selection

Attributes tab:

Advanced user field for webshop/API use.