Promotions & Rewards Points

Using ERPLY, your customers can earn Rewards Points for each purchase they make. You can define the amount of points they earn per dollar and what those points are worth.

How to Define the Points per Dollar

Open the SETTINGS Module and navigate to “Configuration.”

About halfway down the page on the left hand side are the “Rewards Points” settings.

The first text box is where you will input the points earned per dollar.

The second text box is where you designate an expiration date on the earned Rewards Points. If this box is left blank, they will never expire.

Creating Promotions

To create a new promotion, go to the RETAIL CHAIN module and click the “+” next to “Promotions” in the dropdown menu.

This will open a blank Promotion Card for you to fill out. At the top of the page you will see a portion labeled “Sales Promotion.” Here you will be able to input the parameters of the promotion offer.

Name: Name of Promotion; this will show up when searching for the promotion and when it is applied.

Starting and Ending Dates/Times: Choose when the promotion is available.

Store: Choose a store where the promotion is available.

Group of Stores: Choose multiple stores where the promotion is available.

Each Customer Can Use The Promotion Once: Binary option. Yes (checked) or No (unchecked)

Description of the Promotion Rule: A small description of what the promotion does.

Customer’s Birthday: Choose if promotions only applies on a customer’s birthday. Binary option. Yes (checked) or No (unchecked)

Now that the promotion has been created, you can choose where it applies. Under “Customer Must” you can select how the promotion applies. It can apply to amount spent, a quantity of a product bought, any product from a specific group or category, or a specific item(s) from a list. This is also where redeeming Rewards Points is located.

Finally, under “Customer Will,” designate what the promotion will offer the customer.

Get percentage off all items Get a sum off the entire purchase Get the purchased items for a special price Get a percentage off of one specific item Get a fixed sum off of one specific item Customer gets a percentage off of one receipt line (free choice) Further restrictions can be applied to some of these functions if there are items to which a promotion should not apply, or if the promotion is limited to only certain items.

Your Loyalty Program is now set up to be used.

Accruing Rewards Points at POS register:

After assigning a customer to a sale, Rewards Points will be added automatically after each purchase. Accumulated Rewards Points can be found below the customer’s name when selected on the POS, in the customer screen on the POS register, and in “Customer Information” in the back office halfway down the gray bar on the left.


Ringing out a Promotion

There are three possible ways for a promotion to be applied at the POS. An applied promotion will be shown in the transaction list.

Promotion is applied automatically: If the promotion applies to the transaction, it will apply automatically. The cashier will not have to do anything.

Cashier applies promotion manually: The promotion will not be activated until the cashier selects it. These promotions can be found under the “Promotions” button on the POS.

Promotion is applied when a customer hands in a coupon: The promotion will not be applied unless the customer has the appropriate coupon. The cashier will then input the serial number on the coupon under the “Coupons” button.