Creating Promotions

To create a new promotion, under the RETAIL CHAIN module, click the + next to Promotions in the dropdown menu.

This will open a blank Promotion Card for you to fill out. At the top of the page you will see a portion labeled Sales Promotion. Here you will be able to input the parameters of the promotion offer.

Label Description
Name Name of Promotion, this will show up when searching for the promotion and when it is applied.
Starting and Ending Dates/Times Choose when the promotion is available.
Store Choose a store where the promotion is available.
Group of Stores Choose multiple stores where the promotion is available.
Each Customer Can Use The Promotion Once Binary option. Yes (checked) or No (unchecked)
Description of the Promotion Rule A small description of what the promotion does.
Customer’s Birthday Choose if it can only apply on customer’s birthdays. Binary option. Yes (checked) or No (unchecked)

Now that the promotion has been created, you can choose where it applies.

To finish, click Save .

Loyalty Program is now set up to be used.