Creating a buy one get one 20% off Promotion

To offer free shipping to customers after a specific amount spent, you will have to apply a promotion. For an in-depth tutorial on creating promotions, view our Promotions and Rewards Points Guide.

In this example, we will be applying 20% off when you buy 2 pairs of Levis jeans.

Step 1: Click on RETAIL CHAIN module and then click on the "+" next to Promotions.

Step 2: Fill out the necessary information such as name, starting and ending date etc. By default, the promotion will automatically apply when applicable.

Note: Leaving the starting and ending dates blank, will cause the promotion to never expire.

Step 3: Set up the parameters. Customer Must is where you set up the minimum requirements for the promotion to apply. The steps below indicate that the customer must make a purchase of at least $35.00 to apply for this promotion.

Customer Must:

Or, purchase a certain quantity of one product:

QTY: 2

From this Product Group:

Group: Jeans

Step 4: Set up what the promotion does, under Customer Will. The steps below indicate that the customer will get 20% off if 2 pairs of jeans are purchased.

Customer Will:

Get % off of all items:


Step 5: Click Save. The promotion will now be applied at the POS.

Before completing the sale, review the cart. The Promotion will be applied and shown below in red under total as "Discount" with the amount next to it.