Sales Document Types

Here is a list of vocubulary used in ERPLY. It is important to get familiar with these document types and definitions in order to make the learning process easier and more efficient.

Document name Description
Invoice Is used for accounting purposes, when billing someone. Creating an invoice will NOT pull stock
Waybill Is used for inventory purposes, when waybill is created it pulls the items out of inventory
Invoice-Waybill Creates an invoice and a waybill. Charges the customer and pulls the item out of inventory.
Cash-Invoice or Receipt Transactions done through point of sale are labeled as Cash Invoice in ERPLY.
Prepayment Invoice Prepayment Invoice is used when customer will be making more than one payment for the goods. This document does NOT pull items from inventory until Invoice is created
Layaway ONLY for booking items from stock, puts items aside. Can be converted to INVOICE WAYBILL.
Credit Invoice Used for returns to credit back items purchased, you will notice that at POS when doing a return, the return receipt displays both original invoice and credit invoice.
Order Works identical to Layaway, however in this case the goods are NOT set aside once confirmed. This doc would be used for items that you do not currently have in stock, therefore you are confirming the customers order and after Purchasing the goods from your supplier.