The new e-Invoicing module in Erply lets users send out invoices as e-invoices to their customers. A valid contract with one of the e-invoicing operators is required.

Following operators are currently supported by Erply:

This document gives a quick overview how to setup and use e-Invoicing functionality in Erply. For further details on how to use your chosen e-invoicing operator functionalities please refer to their documentation.

NB! If you already have set up the e-invoicing, navigate to Sending e-invoices


In order to successfully send out and receive invoice documents there are some preconditions:

You need to have an active account with one of the supported e-invoicing operators

Make sure the following data is defined in Erply Back office:

Define invoicing channels in customer registry (this will make easier sending out the e-invoices)


For securely connecting Erply to the e-invoicing operator, there must be specific authentication credentials entered into Erply.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Credentials screen - Sales > Set up e-invoicing
  2. Check the box for chosen operator to enable it and enter credentials where needed and click "Update"
    • Get Omniva authentication credentials
      • Make sure that the Data exchange with ERP is allowed
      • For Data exchange URL - Omniva > Invoicing management > Settings > Settings > Data exchange with ERP > Data Exchange URL
      • For Authentication Code - Omniva > Invoicing management > Settings > Settings > Data exchange with ERP > Authentication Code
      • NB! When you generate new authentication code, then make sure it is updated in Erply as well!
    • Get Maventa authentication credentials
      • For User API key - Maventa > Settings (on the top right corner) > API key
      • For Company UUID - Maventa > Settings > Company UUID Maventa credentials

NB! There is an option to enter only one operator credential per country so that e-invoices will be transferred using only that one. When there are more than one operator credentials entered then invoices will be sent depending on the Postal address country of the invoice receiving party.


You can send out invoices in e-invoice format from Erply. The Invoices will be delivered to your chosen operator where it will be forwarded to invoice receiver(s).

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Sales > Invoices
  2. Optional: set filter values to find documents for customers who expect e-invoices
    • Set "E-invoice" for the Invoicing channel
    • Set invoice dates to narrow the list of invoices
    • Set status value to get only unsent invoices
  3. Select one or more invoices you want to send
  4. Click on the button “E-INVOICES” and choose "Send selected"
  5. After a minute you can check the status update in Erpply by clicking on “_E-INVOICES” and choose "Update statuses"