Moving A Payment From One Receipt To Another

This article will describe the process of moving a payment from one receipt to another using the ERPLY back office.

This tutorial presumes a sale already processed with a payment on it, and it begins in the process of tendering the sale where you would like this previously processed payment to go.

Step 1: Click the Save sale button in the POS to save this new sale. Now, you can close the POS and move to the back office.

Step 2: Select the SALES module, then Payments. Here, we can see the payment associated with the initial sale. Verify that it’s the correct sale by confirming the receipt number, then click on it to open the payment.

Step 3: Click on the Invoice dropdown. You will see the saved sale in the list as Receipt with no number, because it has not been confirmed yet. Select it, then save the payment.

Step 4: Select the SALES module and click on Invoices from the top menu. Locate the invoice to be deleted, and click the X to the right of it.

Step 5: Click Invoice+payments to delete both.

Note: The way ERPLY functions, the system will automatically assume that a confirmed invoice should have a payment attached to it. When a payment is moved off the original sale, the system will replace it. We need this extraneous payment to be deleted.

Step 6: Open the saved sale, it will now have the correct payment associated with it. You can now click confirm.