Applying Payments to Invoice-Waybill ( non integrated payment users)

Note: If you are not using Layaway, please go directly to step 4.

Step 1: Go to the SALES module and click on Invoices.

Step 2: Search for the Layaway invoice, click More and select Create Invoice.

Step 3: The document has now changed to Invoice-Waybill. Click Save and Confirm.

Step 4: Go to the CUSTOMERS module and enter the name of the customer in the Find Customer field. Then, click on the Search Button.

Step 5: Click on the customer's name and scroll down to Sales Invoice, Payments ... etc and click on the Payments tab.

Step 6: Click on New.

Step 7: In the Invoice field, select the invoice in question.

Step 8: Fill out the appropriate information such as the amount, currency, date, payment type ...etc.

Step 9: Click Save and Confirm. The payment is displayed and is now associated with the invoice.

Note: Under Z-Report you will notice that the payment type now reflects the card payment: