Introduction: What are quotes ?

Back- Office Process

1. Create Quote in the Back-Office

In order to create a Quote in the Back-Office, go to Sales and Quote. Click on New.

Enter the customer, the location and add the products on the quotes.

Once the document is ready Click on Confirm.

2. Options on Quotes

There are a few options in the Quote document that can be useful:

3. Accept / Decline Quote

Once the quote has either been Accepted or Declined, you can change the Quote Status by clicking on the green or red icons:

image alt text

Note: If a quote has been set to Lost, the status can be changed at a later time to Won and vice versa.

4. Create order / Invoice

You can create an order or an invoice directly from the quote by clicking on the icons "To Order" or “To Invoice”.

image alt text

Note: If you have generated a Sales Order based on your Quote, you will need to create the Invoice from the Order not the quote.

Quote / Offers at POS

Please see our POS Quote guide.


Erply doesn’t have standard reports specific to Quotes. That being said the report generator can be used to create a report displaying Quote and Quote rows.

To display only Quotes, the Sales Document type by "Quote":

image alt text

Here is a an example of a report:

image alt text