Erply is a global company, our software can be adjusted to meet your local standards regarding languages, time zones and number/date formats. The General Configuration is where you modify these settings according to your location. To get to your general configuration, under the SETTINGS module, select Configuration.

This will open settings and information for multiple areas of ERPLY.

Configuration parameter Description
Region Choose the country where your company is located.
Default language Choose the language you want the ERPLY software to be displayed in. Our standard default language is English.
Time Zone Choose the city closest to you. This will set the time accordingly. Since the server syncs your items and marks the times, you’ll need this set properly to have your times record correctly.
Date format Choose how you want the date to be displayed. ex: month/day/year , year-month-date,, etc.
Number format Choose how the numbers are displayed across the entire interface. e.g. 14,200.60 , 14’200.60 , 14 200,60.
Fiscal year start date Input the date that your company uses for accounting purposes and preparing financial statements.
Export sales report to Excel Choose what file format you want sales reports to be exported as:XLS or CSV. XLS is the standard excel file format which holds data in worksheets, charts, and macros; CSV is a more advanced excel file format that stores number and text characters in plain text form
Field separator in CSV output files

Note: Make sure to click save on the top-right corner after making any changes