This section is where you manage settings/configurations regarding inventory.

Configuration parameter Description
Stock Products Choose whether stock products cannot be sold if the product is out of stock, cannot be sold if there is not enough available stock, or can always be sold even if there is none in stock. Depending on how your company runs and what you sell, this can be a great tool.
Main Warehouse The location you choose in this field will be used in the Stock Replenishment Report in addition to the Main Warehouse.
Product codes must be unique Checking off Product codes must be unique will enforce unique product codes. This is a recommended setting, particularly if inventory is to be updated via import.
EAN codes must be unique No two products can share the same EAN code
Generate EAN codes automatically EAN codes will be generated automatically for products added manually into the system. Imported items, or previously created items, will not generate codes.
Show weight on purchase and sales invoice printouts Weight will be displayed on purchase and sales invoice printouts
Product search always returns both matrix products and variations Both matrix products and variations are displayed during a product search.
On forms (sales and purchase invoices), show Choose whether company codes, EAN barcode, Code 3, Manufacturer code or no code will be displayed in sales and purchase documents