Invoices and Sales

Configuration parameter Description
When you enter an unknown product name on an invoice, ERPLY should Notify that the product does not exist, and then prompt to create a new Product Card
Dflt payment deadline Enter how many days customers has to pay payments. You can setup a percent fee to be charged per day through the customer card
Rounding System automatically rounds sales invoices to the selected option.
Allow to create invoices for contact persons Under Contact person, you can select a contact from the drop down menu when creating a new invoice
Select a method for setting price list prices for matrix products Each variation can have different prices, or all variations take the price of the Mother Product
An order is considered completed when When a waybill has been made, or when a waybill has been made and a packing list is sent to the warehouse
Partial fulfillment splits sales order Toggle whether partial payment can split the sales order into multiples
New sales order does not reserve goods by default To reserve goods on an order, check the Layaway box in the grey left hand column
In POS and on invoices, every line can be associated with an attendant By default, the entire sale is set to one attendant. This toggle allows each line to be assigned independently.
"Unpaid invoices" report also shows credit invoices Toggle the visibility of Credit Invoices on the Unpaid Invoices Report
Fulfillable / Unfulfillable Sales Orders Reports allow partial fulfillment Toggle if the report will show orders with partial fulfillment
After crediting a billing statement invoice you can make a new invoice for the same period If checked, this will allow an additional invoice to be created after a billing statment invoice is credited