Point of Sale Settings

To access the Settings on the POS, first make sure you have the proper permissions to do so. If you do not have these permissions, contact your manager or the administrator for your ERPLY account.

Select the settings icon on the top right of the POS screen. This will open a list of different settings which can be changed.

Company & Location

The Company and Location menu allows you to change your company information such as company name, phone number, and address without having to access the back office.


Add new employees to your account or edit information on existing employees such as email, phone number, password/pin, or user group.

Note: Employees can be set up to earn commission on the sales they make. For more information on how to set up commission, please see http://support.erply.com/setting-up-commissions-v2015/.

Tax Rates

Allows you to add a tax rate or edit the Name and Code of existing tax rates.


This is the central hub for your POS where you can apply settings that affect the POS only. Keep in mind that these settings will affect all registers at all locations for this account. From Interface configurations to changing the look of your point of sale, this menu has a number of options to customize your POS to suit your needs.

Payments Configuration

This is where you can configure Allowed Tenders on Sales and Returns with and without receipts, as well as limiting amounts for each tender type.

EPSI (ERPLY Point Of Sale Integrator)

A downloadable Windows Desktop app which allows you to seamlessly print receipts and swipe credit cards without the print dialog box popping up. Click on configuration>>external device integration in the POS System to download EPSI.

Associate POS for device

This feature allows you designate a device for a register. Whoever logs in on this device can only log into the selected register.