Setting Up Commission by Employee Sales

Step 1: Click on the SETTINGS module located at the top of your ERPLY account page.

Step 2: Select an employee for whom you will be applying a commission rate by clicking on their name.

Step 3: The bottom portion of the Employee Card will have a section for inputting commission information such as the commission rate and monthly sales goals. Input the desired commission percentage rates for your employees in numerical form.

Note: For employees, you may add a commission rate by product sales. For managers, you may add a commission rate by product sales as well as store sales.

Step 4: Click on Save to save and apply your new rates.

Setting Up Commission by Product:

Step 1: Go to the SETTINGS module and click on Configurations.

Step 2: Scroll down the Configuration page until you see Select a method for calculating employee sales commission, under the Commission header.Click on the drop down, and then click Each product has a specific sales commission amount.

Step 3: Click Save upon changing these settings.

Step 4: Go to the PIM module and select Product Catalog.

Step 5: Select the product that you will be applying a sales commission to. Sales commission must be a dollar amount per sale.

Note: While you can select multiple items, this option cannot be changed in bulk. Each product will have to be updated separately.

Step 6: Once the product card is open, go to the Commission amount field in the grey sidebar to the left to insert a dollar amount for sales commission on your product.

Step 7: Click on Save when completed.