Creating User Groups

IMPORTANT NOTE: The admin User Group (User Group 1) should always remain the admin user group on the account. This user group is linked to features and plug-ins in ERPLY. If changed, this could possibly provide rights to some features/plug-ins to the wrong user groups.

Click here for the Employee Termination Guide.

In the SETTINGS dropdown menu, select “User Groups.”

Create a User Group by clicking “New,” or edit existing User Groups by opening them.

Once open, you will see a variety of rights that can be modified for the selected User Group. These rights are separated into three areas.

The first area contains specific actions you can allow or disallow users to do or take. These are binary; checking the box allows users in this group to have access, while unchecking prevents access.

The second area lets you set up broader allowances based on the main modules. The options here generally parallel the icons displayed across the top of ERPLY.

You can select whether the User Group can View, Add, Edit, or Delete for each listed module. In each category, a user group can access all data, no data, or only data added by the user.

The View column allows the user to view the selected information when using the software.

The Add checkbox allows the user to add/enable a particular function when checked.

The Edit column allows the user to edit/modify a particular category.

The Delete column allows the user to delete information from a particular category.

All: allows the user to have access to all of the information in a category.

Added by myself: allows the user to only access information he or she has modified.

Blank lines: disallow that action in that module. If a user has no rights assigned in a given module, it will not appear to that user.

Take your time with setting these rights, and be sure to analyze what exactly you want each User Group to do in ERPLY.

The last area concerns the “Settings” menu within ERPLY and which items on that menu are accessible to each user group. Unchecked items will not appear as options within settings. You need access to the “Users” setting to add new users. You need access to “Time Clock” to adjust time clock entries. Setting all items to Blank will cause the icon to disappear when members of this user group log in.

Once set up, adding a new user and linking him or her to the corresponding User Group and rights is a very simple, fast process; just be sure the group they are assigned to gives them sufficient access to ERPLY.

After you have defined all rights on this card, save to confirm the settings.

Below are the minimum settings for a sales representative User Group:

Now that User Groups have been defined, the next step is to add employees to the system.