Inventory Module Settings

To manage inventory settings:

Step 1: Go to the SETTINGS module and selecting All Settings.

Step 2: Scroll halfway down the gray submodule column until reaching the bolded header Inventory settings.

Note: You must have the proper permissions to see these options. If you cannot see them and need to use them, contact your administrator.

Administrators may permit user groups to see and adjust the inventory settings by enabling the following settings in the applicable user group:

And by going to Settings → Configuration

Configuration options as related to the inventory module.

Unique Product Codes:

Checking off “Product codes must be unique” in Settings → Configuration / Inventory will enforce unique product codes. This is a recommended setting, particularly if inventory is to be updated via import.

Automatic Code/UPC code Generation:

To automatically generate codes or UPC codes use the checkboxes in the Settings → Configuration / Inventory. NOTE: items imported via inventory import or invoice import will not generate codes.