Time Clock & Employee Reports

This guide will walk you through the process of using the time clock functionality to clock in and out, as well as generating an employee report. First, you must have created users, which is covered in a separate article, found here.

Time Clock

The time clock can be accessed from the main POS screen via the Clock In/Out button, highlighted below

This will present the user with a prompt for their password to clock in, as well as a list of employees who are currently clocked in. Selecting a clocked-in employee will display the same password prompt to clock out.

Employee Reports

To display a report of timeclock activity, click on the Reports module, then select “See Timeclock Entries” from the dropdown.

Here, you can see all timeclock activity from your employees. You can also add a timeclock entry by using the New button (if an employee forgets to clock in, for example).

To generate a more detailed report, select “Commission and Timeclock” from the Reports module. From this screen, specify the store or time period you would like to generate data for (click the expand arrow for more options) and select “Time and Attendance Report.”

This will generate a printable report of all the timeclock activity within the specified criteria.