Using a Different Currency

Accepting multiple currencies means never turning away money. In tourist areas, country borders, or near airports or other international travel hubs the ability to accept a currency and balance the books between them can increase the number of sales made. For organizations operating in multiple countries or ares, the ability to switch between currencies for analysis can highlight efficiencies in sales, or losses that may be more or less apparent without the ability to toggle between currencies and updates conversion rates.

To change currency you make adjustments in the settings module.

First, click the settings module on the top.

Click on currencies, under invoice settings in the left scroll.

Note: Reports repsond to the order in which currencies are listed, and default to the currency listed on top, main currency or not. To change the reporting currency move your desired currency to the top currency on the list. You can re-order these currencies using the arrow buttons.

Click new on the top right corner.

Input the information accordingly. Name , Currency Code, and its rate compared to the main currency.

Make sure to check the box next to “is a main currency”, if it will be the main currency.

It is very important to click Save on the top right corner.

Once saved, click on the arrow facing up to bring the new currency to top of the list.

This will standardize the new currency.

Using Multiple Currencies

Currency Settings Under Settings / Currency, add the currencies that you want to allow at POS. Assign them a code and an exchange rate.

The exchange rate will be used to calculate change at POS.

Make sure that the main currency is flagged as such:

*Open / Close Day process

Open Day

When opening the day at POS, enter the amount in the main currency. A day opening record will automatically be created in the BO for the secondary currency.

Close Day

When closing the day, you will see an option to count other currencies in the drawer


The currencies will be separated in the X-report in different sections one for each currency enabled.


When taking the payment for a sale, you will see a button for the secondary currency enabled:

Enter the amount of foreign currency given by the customer. Change will be given in the main currency and is calculated based on the currency set in the currency card (see Currency Settings).

On the Back Office, the payments are registered in 2 separate lines: 1 for the foreign currency and the other one for change given back.