Adding Store Credit Without Product

To add store credit to a customer’s account, find the customer through the customer search bar on the POS.

The customber card will show up automatically as soon as the name of the customer is recognized. Then click on the yellow button under the customer name.

On the customer card, select the $ icon at the top.

This will allow you to enter the amount of store credit being purchased. Click Add when complete.

When the credit amount is entered, it will pull up the payment screen. Finalise the transaction like any other purchase by selecting the desired payment method.

Click the green checkmark in the bottom right hand corner to complete the sale.

This will generate the receipt number as well as an option to send a receipt to the client.

Store credit should now be shown when the customer is pulled up, as well as listing on the customer card. The POS may need to be refreshed before this will show.