Changing Prices From POS

Note that this document assumes that the user making changes has permissions to do so for their user group. For more details on user groups, please refer to [Place Holder - Creating User Groups document]

1. Changing prices per sale

To change the price of an item for a specific sale only, first, add the item to the cart, and click the item in the cart1 Next, click the edit icon at the top of the product card.

Finally, change the Unit Price on the product card, and click Save.

2. Changing prices permanently

To change a price permanently from the POS, first, click the edit icon on the top bar of the POS.

Doing so will cause edit icons to appear in the lower right corner of the quick buttons for all of your products. Click the one on the product for which you wish to change the price.

Finally, change the price field on the product card, click save, and click done.