Customer Display Application (Berlin POS only)

The Customer Display Application is a function of the Berlin POS that allows you to set up a display for your customers to view information about the transaction. This application will run on a tablet device (iPad, Android, Windows, etc.), a secondary monitor, or basically any device with a screen, internet access, and a web browser. Also note that if your credit card processing is integrated into Erply, using the customer display application on a tablet will allow you to electronically capture customer signatures on the tablet.

1. Adding a Logo

The display logo is set up in SETTINGS -> Configuration -> Company logo on invoices:

2. Setting up the POS

On the Berlin POS, go to SETTINGS -> Configurations

You must check off “enable customer display application” AND “enable Svipe box” to use the customer display app. Hit Save when done.

Note: The “Custom Panel Source” box will allow you to specify the content of the right half of the customer display application. The input must come in standard HTML format.

The Customer Display Application will also take two settings that affect receipts from the back office configuration. If you go to Settings/Configuration in the back office, the two relevant settings are “Company Logo On Invoices” and “Message In Receipt Footer”. The company logo will be displayed in the upper right of the Customer Display Application, and the receipt footer will be shown after a sale is complete.

3. Logging in to the Customer Display

To go to the Customer Display click in this link:

When logging in, it asks for:

To find you POS ID go to RETAIL CHAIN -> Registers, it's the number under the # column.

4. What the display looks like

The app is intended to run on a second screen. This screen may be, but does not have to be connected to the computer running the register. This can be set up through an iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other devices that can use a web browser. If you have credit cards setup, this can be configured to collect signatures.

To split the screen or to set it up as a second screen, the computer must detect an additional screen or monitor.

Log into the Berlin POS and start adding items to the sale

This is what the customer display app will show when signed in

5. More customizations

The right panel/picture area can be fully customizable using HTML via the POS

You can replace the default image with your store logo/image or/and text. The code to do that is as follows:

<h1> Welcome to ERPLY Store </h1> <img src = “LINK_TO_IMAGE”>

Please see my example HTML code that I have used:

The customer display app will now look like this: