Clocking In/Out

This is where an Employee can clock in and out without logging into or opening the Point of Sale.

  1. Click the clock icon at the log in screen
  2. Log in with either Username/Password or PIN.
  3. Select a Location
  4. Continue to a POS, or click Cancel to finish.

Employees can also view if they are logged in from the Point of Sale itself by clicking the Clock In/Out button.

Button Function
Clock In/Out function button. Once open, an employee can changed their status.
  1. When on the Point of Sale screen, click the Clock In/Out function button. This will open a list of currently clocked on employees.
  2. Select the employee that wishes to clock in/out from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the yellow "Clock In/Out" button. The employee's PIN or password is necessary to clock in/out.