POS Offline Mode

​ Definition

Erply POS Offline Mode allows you to keep making sales when you internet connection is down. While the internet in on and the Offline Mode is configured to run, ERPLY saves some important data to your cache browser. If the internet goes off for some reason, ERPLY will bring that data back and start using it to allow you to process sales as if the internet is still one. As soon as the internet is back, ERPLY will sync the new data to the servers. It will then ask you to log back in for security reason. That’s it! You don’t need to do anything after that.

​ 1. Setting up Offline Mode

In order for the offline mode to work, it has to be setup prior to any internet interruptions. To do that, simply click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your POS screen, select Configuration.

Scroll down to Local database support and check Offline Mode.

NOTE: You cannot setup offline mode once internet is lost as you will not be able to login while the offline mode is not checked.

2. Internet interruption scenario

Now, let’s cut the internet and see how the offline mode works. About a minute after the internet has been off, ERPLY jumps into offline mode automatically and notifies you by turning the ERPLY connectivity and the Internet connectivity buttons into red. It also notifies you by adding the word Offline at the top right corner of your window. You can still make sales as usual while you work on fixing your internet.

But, what if you come to open the store in the morning and find out that the internet is not working? No problem! You still can login in the offline mode and start making sales. Once you open your POS, you will notice a message saying “Network is unreachable, check your internet connection”.

At this point all you need is click on the icon that says Offline login and login as usual. But seriously! Hurry up and call your IT department to work on fixing the internet as soon as possible, because there many functionalities that you cannot work with until your internet connection is back.

3. What works and what does not in offline mode?

The best way to remember what works in the POS offline mode is like this: Any operation that involves getting information from ERPLY servers will fail, except for product codes, product names and product costs. Offline mode is made for basic selling operations only. Here is a list of things you can and cannot do while on offline mode:

You can…

You cannot…

4. Good news! The internet is back!

Once the internet connection is re-established, ERPLY will force you to log out and log back in for security reasons.

Whatever sales you made and changes you were allowed to make, they will be synced to the ERPLY servers. If the internet connection happened before you opened the day, once you log in for the first time, you will be directly sent to the POS. After the internet connection is restored and you are required to re-login, you will be then prompted to open the day.

Before closing the day, you will need to go to the back office, click on RETAIL CHAIN, select Day Opening and Closing and adjust the time you started making sales on, so that these sales get included in your day reports.