Quotes / Offers

Introduction: What are quotes ?

  • Document setting out the estimated cost for a particular transaction or service.

  • Quotes do not affect stock level (unless otherwise specified)

  • Quotes do not affect revenue.

Quote / Offers at POS

1. Save a Sale as an Offer

This option can be added to your account. Please contact support to have it enabled.

Once the configuration has been added, it will add 2 buttons at POS allowing you to Save and Retrieve Offers at the POS (similar to orders).

image alt text

2. Save an Offer at POS

Start a transaction as for a regular sale by selecting the customer and adding the products. Once all the products have been added, click on "Save Offers".

image alt text

The cart will then be saved and the screen will go back to the regular display.

3. Retrieve an Offer at POS

To retrieve a quote at the POS, click on Offers.

image alt text

It will display the list of Quotes. You can search for your offer by using the Customer’s name or the Quote number.

Once you have located it, click on the Offer to bring it on the POS screen.

image alt text

Notes: Quotes created in the Back-Office can be retrieved at POS and vice versa.