Making a Return with a Receipt

Step 1: Click the RETURN button located at the bottom on the Point of Sale.

Step 2: Type or scan the invoice number located on the receipt.

Step 3: Choose which items are being returned and click Save.

Step 4: Process as a normal sale by clicking the Pay button. The item(s) will have a negative quantity, meaning this item is going back into stock and the net total will be a negative amount.

Step 5: A return by receipt can only return to original tender. All you need to do is hit confirm, which is the green checkmark on the bottom right.

Step 6: If returning to a credit card, select the card type where the return is going, then click transaction completed.

If returning to cash, you will receive a confirmation notice with the credit invoice # and an option to print the receipt or send it to the customer via email. Click OK when done.