Making a Return Without a Receipt

It is always recommended to do a return by receipt, however if you cannot and must do a return, you can return by item.

Step 1: Add the item(s) they are returning to the cart.

Step 2: Change the quantity of the item to a negative amount.

Step 3: Process as a normal sale, choosing which method of refund the customer will receive in the PAYMENT METHOD window.

Tip! When processing a Return without a Receipt, it is suggested that customers are only able to get a refund for Store Credit or onto a Gift Card.

Step 4: Click the green checkmark to confirm.

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation notice with the credit invoice number and the option to print the receipt or send it to the customer via email. Click OK when finished.

Note: To view receipts and returns in the ERPLY back office, go to the SALES module and click on Invoices.