Setting Up Sales Orders Through the POS

If a client is looking to purchase items which need to be ordered, this can be done directly through the ERPLY Point of Sale.

Step 1: Start “New Sale” on the POS and add desired products to the cart.

Step 2: Select “Save as Order” from the “Sales Options” keys.

Step 3: The Payment field will pop up. You can take a partial payment at this time or, if the client will be returning to make payment when the order arrives, simply press the Confirm button in the lower right hand corner (or press F8) to complete the order.

Note: Making a full payment will generate a normal sales receipt and close the order. If a client pays an order in full when placing it, the order will show up in ERPLY as a normal sale and will not generate an order number.

Step 4: An order number will be generated, and the receipt dialogue will pop up. You may print the order invoice, or send it to the client’s email. Any partial payments will be stored internally.

Step 5: When the client returns to pick up their order, select “Pickup Orders” from the Function keys.

Step 6: Scan barcode on invoice receipt or enter order number. Recent outstanding orders will also be listed on this screen.

Step 7: Select the order being picked up. This will populate the POS with all order details (customer, items, charges, etc).

Step 8: Select “Pay” on the POS. Any previously paid balances will be shown. Client can make another partial payment or pay the order in full at this time.

Step 9: When the payment is made in full, the order is considered closed. This will generate a receipt, which can be printed or emailed.