Offline Mode

With ERPLY, losing your internet connection doesn’t mean you have to lose out on sales. Our offline mode allows you to continue your daily routine while you reestablish connectivity.

To enable offline mode: Step 1: Go to Settings -> Configuration in the POS interface Step 2: Select Allow Offline Mode under Local Database Support.

Once enabled, offline mode will autostart whenever internet is lost.

ERPLY will notify you in the POS when connectivity is lost by changing to color of the cloud and connection strength icons to red.

Important: Offline mode cannot be reached if you’ve lost your internet connection. You must have the setting enabled before loss of internet.

With offline mode enabled on your POS, you can continue with basic sales functions including:

Important: Do not attempt to switch users. You will be unable to log back on. To account for sales under a different user, before finalizing the transaction, a prompt box will appear with a list of employees. Select the employee to continue.

Below is a list of actions that can only be completed once connectivity is reestablished.